A grassroots plan to keep The Bloomsbury Review going—from Alice Auer Connor

Alice Auer Connor is the sister of Tom Auer, founder of The Bloomsbury Review, and sister to our current Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Marilyn Auer. She is currently spearheading a grassroots viral e-mail campaign on behalf of the magazine. Below is the text of the email she has been sharing with many of the fans and friends of Blooms, asking them to spread the word and share it throughout the internet wherever they can. We would be deeply grateful if you would cut-and-paste it and email it to your friends and/or organizations who might also want to help us in our hour of need, or direct them via a link to this blog post.

For whatever you might be able to do, “Thank you” is too pale a phrase to convey the resplendence of our gratitude.

Dear Book Lover and Friend,

I am starting a grassroots effort to preserve one of our national literary treasures, The Bloomsbury Review. It is a small, beautifully written quarterly magazine about what is new and upcoming in the book world, focusing on the work of new and seasoned writers. It has been advertising supported for the last 33 years, but as we all know, advertising dollars are severely limited these days. We have loyal readers and followers—it is to you that I am reaching out today and to your friends who read. I am an avid book lover and reader and average about $40 per month in book purchases.

As these times are so very difficult for the arts, I am asking that you please donate $40 one time to The Bloomsbury Review, to keep the magazine open, to keep my sister Marilyn, the editor and publisher, working her special kind of magic for the written-word artists in our world today. If this amount of money is not comfortable for you, please send what you can. The bare-bones budget won’t change. It will remain the same.

My grassroots effort is a one-time deal—no gifts, no monthly pledges, no gimmicks, no fundraisers to go to, just a cyberspace one-person-at-a-time effort to keep a needed voice for literature alive.

Please send this email and our message to your friends who read and love books and may wish to help. You could also attach your own message and reason for forwarding it. Thanks.

If you wish to donate by check, please make it out to The Bloomsbury Review and send it to 1553 Platte St, Suite 206, Denver, CO 80202-1167. If you would like the convenience of a credit-card donation please call the office at 303-455-3123, or use the Paypal button below. This is not tax deductible, but it is good karma.

We appreciate your help and send our best wishes,

Alice Auer Connor

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