Mar/Apr ’08: Interviews with Nin Andrews, Peter Johnson, Peter Conners & Brian Clement; The Writing Life: Poetry, Including a Panorama of Prose Poetry; Reviews of Chris Abani, Ed Pavlic, Dan Gerber, Paul Smyth, Laynie Brown & Wendell Berry

Jan/Feb 2008: Interviews with Maxine Hong Kingston & Ted Kooser; Jack Kerouac: An Essay; Reviews of Wanda Coleman, Ron Carlson, Patricia Hampl, Thomas King & Richard Shelton

Nov/Dec ’07: Interview with James D. Houston; The Republic of Poetry Knows No Borders: An Essay by Martin Espada; Reviews of James Lee Burke, Anne Fadiman, Orson Welles & Eliot Weinberger; TBR’s Editors’ Favorite Books of the Year; Gift Books

Sept/Oct ’07: Interviews with Sabina Murray & John Balaban; Poetry in Translation; International Mysteries; Reviews of C.M. Mayo, Wang Ping, M. Allen Cunningham, Henri Cole & Jamaica Kincaid

July/Aug ’07: Interview with Gary Snyder; Writing the Land; So Long, Kurt: A Remembrance; Reviews of Kathleen Alcala, Karen Chamberlain, Carl Dennis, Sybil Downing, Ron Rash, Jack D. Forbes, Sam Quinones & Leonard Michaels

May/June ’07: Interviews with Richard Ford, Edward Field & Marjane Satrapi; In Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: A Literary Survey; Reviews of Sandra Dallas, John Keeble, Stephen Jay Gould & Rick Bass

Mar/Apr ’07: Interviews with Fadhil Al-Azzawi, Deanna Stillman & Jeff Lee; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of Terry Tempest Williams, Derrick Jensen, Jillian Weise, Bob Arnold, Jim Harrison & Thomas Berry

Jan/Feb 2007: Interviews with Gene Luen Yang & Jeff Biggers; Reviews of Cormac McCarthy, James Lovelock, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ted Olson, Edward O. Wilson & Mark Twain

Nov/Dec ’06: A Profile of Martin Espada; Reviews of Margaret Bourke-White, Wassily Kandinsky, Galen Rowell, Saul Steinberg, Thomas McGuane & Kent Nelson; TBR’s Editors’ Favorite Books of the Year; Gift Books

Sept/Oct ’06: The Writings of Orhan Pamuk; American & International History & Politics; Reviews of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Louise Erdrich, David James Duncan, Ma Jian, Nicholas Mosley & Jared Diamond

July/Aug ’06: Interview with Alexander Blackburn; US Regional Writing & Art; Reviews of Denise Levertov, William Klefkorn, Stephen Trimble, Wendell Berry, William Barillas & Ron Rash

May/June ’06: Interviews with Jane Hirshfield, William Haywood Henderson & Sara Gran; In Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: A Literary Survey: On First Looking Into Don Greene’s Papers: An Essay

Mar/Apr ’06: Interviews with Lorna Dee Cervantes, Nick Flynn & Mary Anne Mohanraj; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of James Wright, Patrick Lane & Ted Berrigan; Boomer Books

Jan/Feb 2006: Interviews with Bebe Moore Campbell, David L. Ulin & Shyam Selvadurai; So, You Want to Be Book Critic: An Essay; The Writing Sound of Elinor Wylie’s Poetry: An Essay; Reviews of Wanda Coleman, Floyd Skloot & Edward Albee

Nov/Dec ’05: Interview with David Ray; Reviews of Jim Harrison, Edward Falco, Ellen Meloy & Robert Greer; TBR’s Editors’ Favorite Books of the Past 25 Years; Gift Books

Sept/Oct ’05: Interviews with Richard Zenith & Marie Myung-Ok Lee; American & International History & Politics; Translations; Reviews of George Lakoff, Rilke, Salvador Dalí & Federico García Lorca

July/Aug ’05: Interview with Robert Greer; “Time Must Have a Stop,” an Essay by Gregory McNamee; Regional Writing; “Edges & Rivers: Crossing the Country Word by Word,” an Esssay/Review by Ron Steffens

May/June ’05: Interviews with Lara Vapnar, Cynthia Kadohata & Colette Inez; A Response to “Reading at Risk”;; In Memoriam: Hunter S. Thompson & Ellen Meloy.

Mar/Apr ’05: Interviews with Christopher Buckley about Larry Levis & Fireman/Writer Zac Unger; Essay on Floyd Dell; The Writing Life: Poetry; Reviews of Joy Harjo, Charles Simic & David Lee.

Jan/Feb 2005: Interviews with Han Ong, Chris Abani & Edwin Frank; Essay on Floyd Dell; The Writing Life: Fiction & Creative Nonfiction; Reviews of Gretel Ehrlich, Tillie Olsen & Luis Alberto Urrea.

Nov/Dec ’04: Interview with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni; Essays on Hayden Carruth & Lee Bennett Hopkins; Reviews of Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams, Rick Bass; Editors’ Favorite Books; Gift Books

Sept/Oct ’04: Interviews with Edwidge Danticat, Chang-rae Lee & Cecile Pineda; International History, Literature & Politics; Reviews of Martín Espada, Pablo Neruda, W.S Merwin & James Hillman

July/Aug ’04: Interviews with Alaska Writer John Haines & Appalachian Poet P.J. Laska; Essays on Max Crawford and Richard Brautigan; Regional Writing: The American East, Midwest, South & West.

May/June ’04: Profiles of Performance Artist & Novelist Heather Woodbury,  Poet-Activist Don West, and Historian Franklin Odo; Summer Reading

Mar/Apr ’04: Interviews with Poets Ralph Salisbury and Marilyn Chin; The Writing Life: Poetry; Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion; Gardening & Travel; Tools for Readers

Jan/Feb 2004: Interviews with Sabina Murray, Bebe Moore Campbell, Bharti Kirchner, William Demby, and Sherman Alexie; The Writing Life: Fiction & Creative Nonfiction; Nature, Psychology & Health; Children’s & Young Adult Books

Nov/Dec ’03: Interviews with Russell Chatham & Carolyne Wright; Gift Books; Architecture; The Arts; Photography;  Cartoons & Graphic Novels; Children’s Books; Editors’ Favorite Books.

Sept/Oct ’03: Interviews with Iris Chang, Martín Espada, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, D. Nurkse & Franklin Odo; International History, Literature & Politics

July/Aug ’03: Interviews with Alberto Ríos, Gretchen Laskas & Ron Rash; America the West: Regional Literature.

May/June ’03: Tom Auer Commemorative Issue (March 3, 1953-April 18, 2003); Interviews with Xinran, Gearoid MacLochlainn & Luis J. Rodriguez; Summer Reading

Mar/Apr ’03: Interviews with Lawrence Ferlinghetti & David James Duncan; The Writing Life: Poetry; Gardening & Travel

Jan/Feb 2003: Profiles of Vivian Gornick & Alexs D. Pate; The Writing Life: Fiction & Creative Nonfiction—First Novels; Virginia Woolf”s Melanbrosia

Nov/Dec ’02: Interviews with Frances Moore Lappé & Elizabeth Evans; Profile of Linda Sue Park, Newbery Medal Winner; Tools for Readers: A New Column; Gift Books; Editors’ Favorite Books

Sept/Oct ’02: Interviews with Nora Okja Keller & Robert Bly; International  Politics, History, Culture, Biography, Travel & Adventure; New Translations; 9/11

July/Aug ’02: Interviews with Jimmy Santiago Baca, John A. Murray & Ted Olson; Regional Literature; Reviews of Kathleen Norris, Ron Carlson, Tom McGuane, Louise Erdrich, Barbara Kingsolver, Linda Hogan & Others

May/June ’02: Edward Abbey; Summer Reading: Carry Nation, Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, Jack Kerouac, Marguerite Yourcenar; Nature, Biography, Memoir

Mar/Apr ’02: Interviews with Charles Simic, Philip L. Fradkin & Ted Genoways on the Poetry of Miguel Hernandez; The Writing Life: Poetry; An Essay on the work of South African Writer Sheila Kohler; Travel & Adventure; Gardening & Landscaping

Jan/Feb 2002: Interviews with Dan Gerber & Cornelius Eady; Nature Writing by Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Hogan, Scott Slovic, David Petersen & Others; The Writing Life: Fiction & Nonfiction; First Novels; Mysteries; Health & Nutrition

Nov/Dec ’01: A Conversation Between Alice Walker & Clarissa Pinkola Estés; Interviews with Sam Hamill, Al Young (Part 2) & Joe Hayes; Gift Books; Editors’ Favorite Books

Sept/Oct ’01: Interviews with the Dalai Lama, Al Young (Part 1) & Joseph Hurka; A Tribute to Loren Eiseley; Fiction, Nonfiction & Poetry From Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North & South America; History & Politics

July/Aug ’01: Interviews with Jane Hirshfield, Richard Fanagan & Susan Straight; The American West; Reviews of Linda Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, Nancy Curtis, Nasdijj; Regional Literature

May/June ’01: Profile of David Petersen by John Nichols; Interviews with Katie Estill & Henry Allen; The Life & Art of Liz Caile; Harlan Ellison Takes on Internet Piracy; Summer Reading

Mar/Apr ’01: Interviews with Morton Marcus & Donald Richie; The Writing Life: Poetry, Fiction & Nonfiction; Reviews of Julia Alvarez, John Ashbery, Paul Celan, Thomas Glave, Robert Michael Pyle & Others; Travel & Adventure

Jan/Feb 2001: Interviews with or Profiles of Molly Giles, Kent Haruf, Carol Bly & Gregory McNamee; Looking Back on 20 Years of Publishing The Bloomsbury Review by Tom Auer

Nov/Dec ’00: Interviews with Ciaran Carson & Kathleen Norris; Religion & Spirituality; New Books About The Holy Mother by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.; New Fiction by Jim Harrison, Wendell Berry, Ursula Le Guin, James Welch & Others; Ireland: Politics & Literature; Gifts; Editors’ Favorite Books of 2000

Sept/Oct ’00: An Essay/Interview with Kristjana Gunnars; Interview with

T. Jefferson Parker; Cultural History; Politics: Biography, Autobiography, Memoirs & Letters; Literary Fiction & Mysteries; Nature & Gardening

July/Aug ’00: Interviews with Thomas McGuane & Jeff Shaara; Profile of Stephen Harrigan; The American West; Reviews of Joy Harjo, Terry Tempest Williams, Sherman Alexie & Others

May/June ’00: Interviews with Patricia Hampl & Welsh Writer Bobi Jones; Profiles of Stephen Keating & Kathleen Alcala; The Harpur & Iles Mystery Series by Bill James; Reviews of Mary Gordon, Denise Levertov, John Nichols

Mar/Apr ’00: Interviews with Juan Felipe Herrera & Edward Hirsch; Profile of Richard Burgin; The Writing Life: Poetry Feature; Latino poetry; Politics & History: Vietnam, the U.S. Prison System, and More

Jan/Feb 2000: Interviews with Laura Hendrie, Hannah Hinchman & Colin Thubron; Profile of Alfredo Véa: The Writing Life: Fiction & Nonfiction; The Great Work by Thomas Berry

Nov/Dec ’99: Interview with Alex Kuo; Conversations With Native American Artists & Activists by E.K. Caldwell; TBR Editors’ Favorite Books of 1999; Gift Books

Sept/Oct ’99: Interviews with David Lee, Stephen J. Pyne & Robin Chotzinoff; International Literature: Cuba, Bhutan, Tibet, Korea, France, Russia, England, & China; New Fiction by Isabel Allende, Ana Castillo, Will Self; The Crusade for Justice

July/Aug ’99: Interviews with Melissa Pritchard & David Lavender; Profile of Dan Simmons; The American West; The Great New Wilderness Debate

May/June ’99: Interviews with Sparkle Hayter & Randy Wayne White; Profile of Robert Thurman; Summer Reading: Mysteries, Fiction, Biographies, Letters

Mar/Apr ’99: The Writing Life: Poetry; Interview with Kimiko Hahn;  Essay about Robert Bly & William Stafford; An Appreciation of Carolyn Kizer & Hayden Carruth; Profile of Marnie Mueller; History & Politics

Jan/Feb ’99: Interviews with William Loizeaux & Karen Palmer; Profile of Kate Braverman; New works by Jim Harrison; The Writing Life: Fiction & Nonfiction; African-American Literature

Nov/Dec ’98: Interviews with  Luis Alberto Urrea & Peter Hedges; An Essay/Interview with Ted Hughes; International Issues; Essays; Biographies

Sept/Oct ’98: Interviews with Barry Lopez, Reg Saner, Kenneth Lincoln & Cynthia Robinson; The American West; Banned Book Week; Baseball & Indentured Servitude by Harlan Ellison

July/Aug ’98: Interviews with Linda Hogan, Connie Willis & Marilyn Ogilvie; A Literary Look at Cyberspace; Science Fiction; Science & Technology

May/June ’98: Interview with Cristina Rathbone; Profiles of George Rabasa & Nevada Barr; Summer Reading; Social Issues; Travel; Physical & Mental Health

Mar/Apr ’98: Interviews with Demetria Martínez, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni & Alison Hawthorne Deming; Profile of Paul Gruchow; Remembering Denise Levertov, William Matthews, James Laughlin & Allen Ginsberg; Poetry

Jan/Feb ’98: Interviews with Vikram Chandra, Kurt Vonnegut & Rikki Ducornet; African-American History Month; The Future of the Book; The New American West; Editors’ Favorites

Nov/Dec ’97: Interviews with Joy Harjo, Quincy Troupe & Athol Fugard; The Fault in My Lines, an essay by Harlan Ellison; Children’s Books & Publishing; Life Stories

Sept/Oct ’97: Interviews with Ron Carlson, Lorna Dee Cervantes & Robert MacNeil; Celebrating Writers & Publishers of the American West; Rocky Mountain Book Festival (V)

July/Aug ’97: Interviews with Lawson Fusao Inada, Evelyn Lau & Martín Espada; Science Fiction & Fantasy; Science & Exploration

May/June ’97: Interview with Ammiel Alcalay; Profiles of Anita Mason & Robert Franklin Gish; Honoring Laurens van der Post

Mar/Apr ’97: Interview with Tobias Wolff; Profile of Bruce Berger; Grieving; Fine Print Editions

Jan/Feb ’97: Interviews with Velma Wallis, Donald Hall & Brian Kiteley; African-American Literature; The Writing Life; Sherman Alexie, Martín Espada 

Nov/Dec ’96: Conversations with Bill Moyers & Li-Young Lee; Naturalist John Fowles; Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz; Wallace Stegner; Helen Caldicott; Frank McCourt; Elizabeth Bishop

Sept/Oct ’96: Rocky Mountain Book Festival (IV); Interviews with Brenda Peterson, David Rice, David Abram & Sharman Apt Russell

July/August ’96: The American West; Adrian C. Louis; Profiles of Lewis Nordan & Dan Simmons; Reviews of Arthur Sze, Leslie Marmon Silko, Linda Hogan & Alison Hawthorne Deming

May/June ’96: Interviews with Jonathan Lethem & Elena Poniatowska; Profiles of Sven Birkerts, Craig Lesley & Linda Schierse Leonard

Mar/Apr ’96: Nature and the Environment; Wolf Wars; Profiles of Hank Fischer, Thomas Hornsby Ferril & Richard Powers; The Fiction of Antonya Nelson; Interviews with Norman Mailer & Steven Pinker

Jan/Feb ’96: The Craft of Writing; Interviews with Alberto Alvaro Ríos, Joe Haldeman & Helena María Viramontes; Ellen Hart, Sandra Scoppettone & Michael Nava in Conversation; Creating a Private Writing Retreat by Linda M. Hasselstrom

Nov/Dec ’95: Gift Books; Profiles of John Dufresne & Ana Castillo; Interview with James Welch

Sept/Oct ’95: Rocky Mountain Book Festival (III); A Conversation Between Denise E. Chávez & Susan J. Tweit; Interviews with John Daido Loori & Patricia Lynn Reilly; A Conversation Between Mark Amerika & Lance Olsen

July/Aug ’95: The American West; Remembering Vardis Fisher; Elizabeth Woody; A Conversation Between Marjorie Agosín & Ilan Stavans; Interviews with Jack Butler & William Tremblay

May/June ’95: Dreams of Life & Death: The Art of Juan González; Issues of Race & Equality: Robert Burke; Profile of George Rodger; Interviews with Neil Evernden & Robert Antoni

Mar/Apr ’95: The State of the Word Part II: Fiction; How to Succeed as a Writer by John Nichols; Interviews with Stanley W. Lindberg, Tobias Wolff, Jane Hamilton & Carolyn Chute

Jan/Feb ’95: The State of the Word Part I: Poetry; Interviews with Thomas Berry, Robert Olen Butler, Ricardo Pau-Llosa & Marvin Bell 

Nov/Dec ’94: Walter Mosley Meets the Mainstream; Interviews with Kinky Friedman & Omar S. Castañeda; Rocky Mountain Book Festival (II): Terry Tempest Williams, Linda Hogan, Jerome Washington, Joseph Marshall III & Peter Eichstaedt  

Sept/Oct ’94: A Profile of Hanan Al-Shaykh; Media & the First Amendment; Interviews with Margaret Atwood, Bob Shacochis & Antonio Benitez-Rojo; Literature of the Caribbean  SOLD OUT

July/Aug ’94: American West: Land & Literature; Regional Writing; Carlos Fuentes Reconsidered; Interviews with Bebe Moore Campbell, Jane Candia Coleman & David Payne. Profiles of Max Evans & Robert Michael Pyle

May/June ’94: Louise Erdrich’s Fiction; Interviews with Sherman Alexie, Tim Pat Coogan, James Balog & Anthony Hecht; The Latest Dangerous Visions of Harlan Ellison

Mar/Apr ’94:  The First Cormac McCarthy Conference; William Stafford Remembered; Interviews with Janice Eidus, Paul Kafka & Swain Wolfe

Jan/Feb ’94: The Poetry of Anne Waldman; The Work of Ward Churchill; Interviews with Michael Doane & Katherine V. Forrest

Nov/Dec ’93: Interviews with Victor Villaseñor, Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Part II), James Nolan & Laura Esquivel; Remembering Chandler Brossard

Sept/Oct ’93: Interviews with Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Part I), Rudolfo A. Anaya & Vera Norwood; Rocky Mountain Book Festival (I) SOLD OUT

July/Aug ’93: Remembrances of Wallace Stegner; Interviews with Carolyn Forché, Reg Saner & Mark Leyner; Profile of Lois Beebe Hayna

May/June ’93: Testimonies of Native American Life; Interview with Tama Janowitz; Frank Waters

Mar/Apr ’93: Interviews with Lawrence Norfolk & Paulette Jiles; The Before Columbus Foundation; Writing & Publishing

Jan/Feb ’93: Interviews with Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Ted Conover & Richard Selzer; The Whole Person: Heart & Mind   SOLD OUT

Dec ’92: Interview with John Dunning; Colonialism, The Pulp Western & Steve Frazee; Fabulous Fiction 

Oct/Nov ’92: Interviews with Richard Manning, Raymond Carver & Sandra Scofield; Fragments of History

Sept ’92: Interviews with Ronald Gross, W.P. Kinsella & Jungian Analysts Marion Woodman & Daryl Sharp; Censorship & Democracy

July/Aug ’92: Interviews with Jimmy Santiago Baca & Linda Hasselstrom; The American West 

June ’92: Interviews with Ann Rule, James Lee Burke & Bapsi Sidhwa; Profile of Jay Brandon; Rikki Ducornet, Lewis Nordan & Dan Gerber

Apr/May ’92: Interviews with Leslie Marmon Silko & William Least Heat-Moon; Essay by Ward Churchill

Mar ’92: Interviews with Martin Amis, Julia Alvarez, M. Mark of VLS, Don Paul & Elgy Gillespie of the San Francisco Review of Books

Jan/Feb ’92: Interviews with Nicole Hollander, J.P. Donleavy, John Keeble; “And Huge Is Ugly,” by James Hillman

Dec ’91: Interviews with Terry Tempest Williams, Eduardo Galeano, David Wann & Loren McIntyre SOLD OUT

Oct/Nov ’91: Interviews with John Barth & Jeffrey Meyers; The Multicultural Debate; Annual Conference of Lesbian and Gay Writers.

Sept ’91: Interviews with Michel Tournier, Mary McGarry Morris, Tim Cahill & Frank Chin; Visits to Tibet.

July/Aug ’91: American West Issue; Interviews with Ivan Doig & Lucia Berlin; Profiles of David Lee & Stephen Pett; A Remembrance of  A.B. Guthrie   SOLD OUT

June ’91: Interviews with Robert B. Parker, Isabel Allende, Michael Nava & Franklin Folsom; Mobilizing Democracy

Apr/May ’91: Interviews with Rick Bass, J. California Cooper & Allen Barnett; Natural Wonders 

Mar ’91: Interviews with James Welch, Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno & Lee Smith; Writing & Publishing; Animal Graces

Jan/Feb ’91: Interview with Robert Bly; Profile of M. Scott Peck o Nov/Dec ’90: Interviews with Barbara Kingsolver & Christopher Manes; Profile of Jim Harrison; An Appreciation of Norman Maclean

Nov/Dec ’90: Interviews with Barbara Kingsolver & Christopher Manes; Profile of Jim Harrison; An Appreciation of Norman Maclean

Sept/Oct ’90: Interviews with Stephanie Mills, Lewis Shiner & Richard Ford;  Ecofeminism

July/Aug ’90: Interviews with Russell Martin & David Brower; Nature

May/June ’90: Interviews with Mary Oliver & Barbara Smith; The Perils of Publishing; Beyond Earth Day

Mar/Apr ’90: Interviews with Wallace Stegner & Alison Lurie; Hard Truths & Sage Advice from Harlan Ellison

Jan/Feb ’90: Interviews with Barry Lopez & Terry McMillan SOLD OUT.

Nov/Dec ’89: Interviews with T.C. Boyle & Ariel Dorfman; Fine Print

Sept/Oct ’89: Interview with James Hillman; China Dreams of Democracy; What’s New About the New Age?

July/Aug ’89: The Enduring West: Interview with Stephen Trimble; Profiles of Loren Estleman & Nancy Wood SOLD OUT

May/June ’89: Interviews with Noam Chomsky & Douglas Adams; In Memory of Edward Abbey

Mar/Apr ’89: Interviews with James Lovelock & Jonathan Galassi; The Holy War Against Salman Rushdie

Jan/Feb ’89: Interviews with Paul Horgan & Harry MacLean; Mysteries; What Makes People Tick?

Nov/Dec ’88: Interviews with John Haines, Regenia Gagnier & Gretel Ehrlich; Joseph Campbell’s Legacy

Sept/Oct ’88: Interviews with William Gibson & Russell Means; A Little Matter of Genocide by Ward Churchill. An Essay on Carlos Castañeda SOLD OUT

July/Aug ’88: Interviews with Louise Erdrich, Michael Dorris & William Kittredge; Ed Abbey on John Updike; Profiles of David Rains Wallace & Louis L’Amour

May/June ’88: Interviews with Francis Moore Lappé, James Salter, Alexander Cockburn, Jack Meyers & Roger Weingarten; Humor in Poetry

Mar/Apr ’88: Interviews with Manuel Puig & Philip Agee; Profiles of Joseph Brodsky, Carolyn Forché & Tama Janowitz; Writers on Writing; Czech Literature; Cinema in the Third World

Jan/Feb ’88: Interviews with Raymond Carver, Vikram Seth & Ted Conover;

Ed Abbey on Saul Bellow

Nov/Dec ’87: The Best of 1987; Favorite Books of Joanne Greenberg, Judy Grahn, Rex Burns; Revisiting Native American Writing

Sept/Oct ’87: Heretics & Hellraisers: Interviews with Clive Barker & Robert T. Bakker  

July/Aug ’87: The American West: An Interview with John Nichols; Linda Hogan & Her World; John Milton; Frank Waters; Native-American Religion; Celtic America & Chaco Canyon

May/June ’87: Mysteries & Travel; Men & Women Detectives; Interview with

Tony Hillerman.

Mar/Apr ’87: Interview with Njabulo Ndebele; Writers in Exile: the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Latin America & the Philippines; Essay by Sasha Sokolov

Jan/Feb ’87: Power & Profits: Cyberpunks; Interview with Futurist K. Eric Drexler

Fall ’86: New Translations; The Arts; Children’s Books; Interviews with Alastair Reid & Philip Levine

July/Aug ’86: The American West; New Native American Poetry: Joy Harjo, Linda Hogan, Roger Echo-Hawk & Ray Young Bear; Interview with Naturalist Gary Paul Nabhan

June ’86: What’s New Downunder? Australian Literature & Film; Homage to Philip Larkin; Interview with James Baker Hall; Zola & Dreyfus

Apr/May ’86: Women in Philosophy;  Books from the Philippines; Gardening

& Nature

Mar ’86: Portraits from the Past: Maxim Gorky, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gertrude Stein, James Agee, F. Scott Fitzgerald & D.H. Lawrence; Interview with Benedict Kiely; Ezra Pound & Anti-Semitism

Feb ’86: Looking Towards the 21st Century; The Future of the Book; Controlling Nuclear Weapons; The Gene Factory; Interview with Brian W. Aldiss; An Essay on Theodore Sturgeon

Dec/Jan ’85: The Lively Arts: Opera & Ideas; Truffaut & Hitchcock; Georgia O’Keeffe, John Muir & American Conservation

Nov ’85: An Interview with Farley Mowat; White South African Writers Against Apartheid; Cultural Crisis in America

Oct ’85: The Art of Translation; Interview with Mary Crow; Overlooked Writers

Sept ’85: Prose & Poetry from the Caribbean; Interview with Margaret Drabble; The Randall Jarrell Letters

July ’85: The American West: Literature & Legends; Law & Land; An Interview with Gov. Richard D. Lamm

June ’85: An Interview with Bernard MacLaverty; Poems of Allen Ginsberg; Forgotten Nobel Prize Winners

May ’85: Ecodefense & Deep Ecology; Profile of John Bryne Cooke

Apr ’85: Interview with Poet Jack Micheline; The Great Visions of Black Elk & John Neihardt

Mar ’85: Remembering Malcolm Lowry; How Science Changes Our World & Responsibilities

Feb ’85: Detective Fiction & New Mysteries; More Dangerous Visions with Harlan Ellison (Part II); Profile of Richard Brautigan; The Bloomsbury Reader: New Stories & Poems

Jan ’85: Dangerous Visions: An Interview with Harlan Ellison (Part I); The Worst Books of ’84; Laughing Matters

Dec ’84: Interview with Paul St. Pierre; Literary Standouts: Favorite Books of 1984

Nov ’84: Interview with Robert Creeley; Cookbooks; Children’s Books

Oct ’84: Media Manipulation; Politics of the Information Business; Interview with Gabriel Fielding; D.H. Lawrence’s Three Fates

Sept ’84: New Translations: Interview with Frank Waters; Writing Wrongs in Writing Books

Aug ’84: Sports; Interview with Leon Uris; Louisa May Alcott & Feminism

June/July ’84: Artist in Wonderland: Interview with Artist/ Illustrator Barry Moser; Books from Canada; Travel

Apr/May ’84: Interview with Joseph Campbell

Feb/Mar ’84: History of the American West; Interview with Joanne Greenberg; Edward Abbey on John Gardner

Dec ’83: Interview with Roger Copland; Cowboy Books; An Appreciation of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Nov ’83: Interview with Henry Wilson Allen (a.k.a. Will Henry & Clay Fisher); Cookbooks

Sept/Oct ’83: An Essay/Interview with Meridel LeSueur by Linda Hogan; Computers & the Written Word; Literary Supplement

June/July/Aug ’83: Mankind & Nature; Interview with Wendell Berry; An Appreciation of Nikos Kazantzakis

Apr/May ’83: Interview with Stephen R. Donaldson; Books for Gardeners

Feb/Mar ’83: Interview with Hilary Masters; Russia’s Literary Underground

Dec ’82: Unique Book Gifts; Interview with Douglas Adams

Nov ’82: Breaking the Mind Barrier: Interview with Colin Wilson

Sept/Oct ’82: Book Banning in America

June/July/Aug ’82: The New West; Interview with Tony Shearer

Apr/May ’82: Latin American Writers; An Appreciation of Gabriela Mistral; An Open Letter from José Emilio Pacheco

Feb/Mar ’82: Mysteries: Interview with Rex Burns; Best Mysteries of the Year   

Nov/Dec ’81: Children’s Books: Madeleine L’Engle on Children and Reading; William Stafford on Poetry & Fine Print Books

Sept/Oct ’81: Preserving Hispanic Traditions; Clash of Cultures: Interview with John Nichols

July/Aug ’81: Judy-Lynn & Lester Del Rey & Edward Bryant on Fantasy & Science Fiction

May/June ’81: Poetry; Interviews with Allen Ginsberg, Edward Dorn & Thomas Hornsby Ferril

Mar/Apr ’81: The Novel of the American West by John R. Milton; Interview with William S. Burroughs; Women Writers on Spiritual Quest

Jan/Feb ’81: Vladimir Nabokov: Lectures on Literature; Interview with Kay Boyle; Christianity, Social Tolerance & Homosexuality by John Boswell   

Nov/Dec ’80: Interview with Edward Abbey; So This Is Depravity by Russell Baker; The Maguey Press SOLD OUT